Our Story

Once upon a time, in the small town of Auburn, a question was posed to a small group of dancers: “Since you love Balboa so much, why not host a Balboa workshop?” Why not indeed? Balboa was on the rise in the Southeast, but alas, local balboa events were still few and far between. The need was there, but could they really pull it off? Surely not…but maybe. Thus the seed was planted.

Over the next few months that seed continued to grow and flourish as more and more ideas were being discussed. Names, such as Tiger Toss-outs, AUBal, and War Damn Shuffle, began being tossed around, but none of them had the connection we were seeking. Until finally one day it clicked: Lollies and Lemonade. Simple yet sweet. With a name in mind, the dancers stepped up and answered the call to bring Balboa to Auburn, Alabama. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Our Goals

Lollies and Lemonade is a weekend Balboa workshop hosted by the AU Swing Dance Association. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for dancers from all over to learn and experience the joy of Balboa in a fun and welcoming learning environment. We love Balboa, and hope we can do our part to spread that love through quality instruction and wonderful music. We’re a bit silly here, but that’s what makes us so sweet.