This is an EXAMPLE schedule from Lollies 2019. Schedule for 2020 subject to change!

7:00pm Beginner Lesson
8:00pm Main Dance
12:00am Late Night
2:00am Late Night Ends
10:00am Zest Fest Pre-test
11:00am Classes 1 & 2
1:15pm Lunch Break
2:30pm Classes 3 & 4
4:45pm Break
5:00pm St Louis Shag Add On
6:00pm Dinner Break
7:30pm Main Dance
12:00am Late Night Begins
2:00am Late Night Ends
10:00am Classes 5 & 6
12:15pm Lunch Break
12:45pm Lunch Lecture w/ Bobby
2:00pm SP/ZF Electives
FS Guided Practice
3:15pm All Levels Electives
4:15pm Farewell Dance
7:00pm End of Farewell Dance