Beginner Track

Beginners! We will have you out on the dance floor in no time. Our beginner instructors will build you from the ground up on Saturday AND as an added bonus, there will be an open practice for you all day on Sunday.


This class is designed to get you comfortable with the basic Balboa footwork and teach you some variations on that footwork.

Getting Fancy:

Time to add some different movements to your basic as well as learn some of the staples of Balboa!

The Ins and Outs of Out and Ins:

Forwards and backwards, left and right, even in circles. Get ready to dance this technique in every conceivable way.

Turn it Out:

We’ll be tossing out all the turns we can think of in this last class. Connected, disconnected, and behind the back!

Sunday Open Practice:

Take what you learned in class on Saturday and put it to use!

Intermediate Track

Intermediates, you get to choose your own adventure! That’s right, you get to pick and choose what you are interested in learning. Listed below are the class descriptions for the weekend:

Class 1:

Cracking the Code:

Understanding the structure of swing music and practical ways to apply your Balboa

Now You See it, Now You Don’t:

Working together to discover the whole picture

Class 2:

Cracking the Code 2:

CoNtRaSt in your balboa. Doing the same thing…but different.

Darling, It’s a Classic!:

A few of balboa’s greatest hits and classic moves you outta know

Class 3:

Don’t Panic!:

Where to go when the music is slow

Left Can be so Right:

Playing with different connections in balboa

Class 4:

Hold My Lemonade, I’ve Got This:

Musicality you didn’t know you already had.

Balboa Transitions:

You mean I don’t have to dance an entire song of balboa?