Continuing St. Louis Shag

This add-on class will take place after track classes on Saturday and costs $5

This elective class will be designed as an intermediate level St. Louis Shag lesson. If you are comfortable with the material from last year’s St. Louis Shag elective or from another St. Louis Shag beginner class, you will be fine for this class. If you have more experience, we will bring some material to challenge you as well. We will adjust the material to the level of who signs up. We expect a smaller class size with opportunities for personalized feedback. No partner required!

Please be comfortable with the following basic moves by the time of the workshop:
– Basic
– Sliding doors
– Kick-aways
– Fall-off-the-logs

Adventures In Swing Practice: A Lecture by Bobby White

This talk is about how to get better at getting better at swing dancing. It will mostly be a Q&A discussion on practicing.

This elective will be free to all weekend pass holders. 

Sunday Electives – TBA