Fresh Squeezed (Beginner)

Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a Balboa class before or have attended a few lessons but don’t feel super confident in your basics yet, this is the track for you! Our instructors will build you from the ground up and get you out on the dance floor in no time.

Sour Power

You’ve attended a few Balboa classes, and have been to a workshop or two. You have a solid grasp on all of your Bal Basics, and feel comfortable social dancing Balboa. You may be starting to try out new footwork or styling variations, and want to explore flow, musicality, and connection. Our instructors will help you dig into these concepts as you adventure further into the world of Balboa.

In this track, you must be comfortable with the following:

  • Basic step
  • Come Arounds
  • Out and Ins
  • Toss Outs (aka Throw Outs)
  • Lollies
  • Swivels

Zest Fest

You’ve been dancing Balboa for a few years now, have attended several dedicated Balboa workshops, and are possibly beginning to teach Balboa in your home scene. You should be comfortable social dancing to songs 220 bpm and above, regularly incorporating alternate rhythms and footwork patterns. You’re interested in diving deep into the fundamental elements of Balboa and exploring more advanced partnering mechanics as well as developing your own personal style.

There will be a “Zest Fest Pretest” before classes on Saturday morning. This level check will include guided social dance time with everyone trying out for the Zest Fest track. Using this format, we aim to ensure the most beneficial classroom experience for everyone during the weekend. This will take place Saturday morning (Jan. 25th). Location TBA